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Why ruler folding is worth it

So a while back I did a post on how to ruler fold wide fabrics.  And now I am going to show you how all of that folding will pay off.  My husband is in the process of finishing up my very own craft room.  It is to the point now where I can actually put my fabric up on my beautiful new wall to wall shelfing!  And since I have been prepping for this day for the last 5 months, when he finally got my shelves up I had all my fabric up and pretty within a day!  If you want to know how to fold them like this please go here

And needless to say I LOVE my new craft room and cant wait to move the rest of my stuff back in!





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How to care for your cloth diapers

So my post today is based on the wonderful article found here.  This article really breaks down a lot about cloth diapering.  But it is a LOT of info to read and absorb.  And sometimes hard to decipher how to put the different things into work.  So here is my cloth diapering for dummies version!

The scariest part of cloth diapering is the wash.  The rest is so close to disposables that you wont really notice a difference.

  • Ok so baby just peed in their cloth diaper, toss it in your diaper bucket.  Baby pooped?  If they have started eating solids you will want to get that poop off.  And really it is NOT that scary!  I lay the poo down in the toilet and let it soak for a couple minutes that just swish around.  Everything typically comes off really easy when I do this.  Now toss in the diaper bucket.  Not to hard huh?
  • You do not want to leave diapers sitting more than 3 days, 2 days is preferable.  If you leave the diapers sitting to long the fibers start to break down.
  • Ok, time to wash what do I do?  Dump your diaper bucket into your washer.  It can be helpful to do a prerinse or soak to help loosen the pee and poo from the fibers.
  • The oh so scary soap, you need to have that ready.  The soap I uses is ecos from costco.  I like the super short ingredient list, and my diapers always come out clean.
  • Use the full amount recommended for your washer.  Many diaper companies will say to use half the amount but you really NEED the surficants in the detergent to get all the pee and poo off.
  • If you have stinky or ammonia smelling diapers you likely need to use more soap.
  • Ready to wash?  My wash routine is a HOT wash with an extra rinse.  Followed by a run through the dryer on high.

Having smell issues and the laundry soap just isnt cutting it?  The following are some things that can be greatfully helpful.

  • Vinegar – it is a natural laundry softener as well as being great for killing bacteria and sanitizing
  • Baking Soda – As a base it can help cut down acidity in the diapers
  • Dawn Blue Dishsoap – This is what you use to ‘strip’ your diapers. As a degreaser it will help loosen anything off of the fabric and help your diapers preform better.
  • Bleach – I do not recommend using bleach on any sort of regular basis.  It will eat away at the fibers in the long run.  BUT if your child has a yeast infection or other bacterial infection this is going to be the way to go.
  • The SUN – Is an amazing thing!  It can naturally help kill bacteria on the diaper.

This is a pretty general overview, but it really can be that easy!  The most important thing with washing cloth diapers is establishing a good wash routine from the start!

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