About Jessica

Hello!  My name is Jessica and I am a 29 year old married mama to 5 beautiful little girls 🙂  I have tried blogging in the past but have always had a lack of direction.  And really what is the point of a blog if you have no idea what to put in it!  I have finally found that purpose!  This blog will be filled with sewing and a heavy emphasis on cloth diapering. On to the blogging!


5 responses to “About Jessica

  1. Portia Miller

    Hi Jessica. I recently bought a used Trimsie Trainer from a Mama on one of the swap boards on FB. I love the fit and my son loves the robots on the sides 🙂

    I sent you a message on FB but their pms are down and your Etsy shop isnt working (of course you know that 😉 Can you please email me so that I can order a couple more trainers for my DS. I will need boyish Size L and if you have any in stock that would be great. We are planning on going cold turkey next weekend with the big boy undies but I need something for the car rides and trips out 🙂 portiajmiller@yahoo.com

    Your trainers are beautiful, perhaps I should get a diaper for my 4 month old ds too 😉 What do you have in stock for him? And do you do discounts for multiple purchases??

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    with laughter and light

  2. Sarah

    Hi jessica
    I used to see your stuff all the time on DSD and now I don’t see it on MLL. What is your website so I can shop? Also do you live in Arizona because I would love to take some diaper sewing classes from you 😉

    • easytoentertain

      Hi sarah 🙂 sadly I was banned from their forums because I am on the babyville design team. I do actually teach diaper sewing classes but I am in washington state.

  3. julie cattell

    hi Jessica, I live in Australia and my daughter asked me to make a cloth diaper for a christening and I was wondering if you could tell me what pattern you use.hope you can help.thanks and I think your tutorials are great.

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