How to Ruler Fold Wide Fabrics

There is an awesome tutorial here on how to ruler fold quilting cottons. But if you are like me and have lots of fabrics that are 60″ or more inches wide (not 44″ like quilting cottons) you have to figure out how to make it work. I promise its easy!

First up lay your fabric out nice and flat. This is a 70″ wide fabric and is 2 yards long. I have the 2 yard length left to right in this picture.

Fold the edge closest to you up 1/3 of the width of the fabric

Now fold the top down the other 1/3 of the width of the fabric

Now you can ruler fold. Lay your ruler on the end of your fabric. I like a 6″ ruler for my fabric but you may find a different size works better for your shelfing than the 6″

Fold the end over your ruler

Now keep rolling your ruler until you have almost all the fabric rolled up

It should look something like this

If you are like me and want it really neat you will fold the end in like this

Fold over the rest of the way

Slide your ruler out

Now fold your long log of fabric in half. This is a side view. This is a thick fabric so yours will likely end up thinner.

And this is what you will see from the front

There ya go! You just ruler folded a cut of wide fabric!



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5 responses to “How to Ruler Fold Wide Fabrics

  1. Thank you. I can’t tell you how much I needed this tutorial. I have such a messy fabric stash, and the home dec stuff, doesn’t play well with others.

    • easytoentertain

      You will love it 🙂 For 45″ width fabrics just fold in half instead of 3rds and you are set. It sits sooooo much nicer on shelfs!

  2. Valarie

    Thank you. Looks great!

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  4. BridgetteD

    Hi, I came across you blog and love that superhero fabric. Do you by chance have any left?

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