How to apply snaps using a snap press

I don’t think I would be able to make as many diapers without my snap press. Pliers are great for those on a budget or for traveling with but just don’t get as good of a press as the snap press does. Part of the pics and instructions for this are the same as with snap pliers because it takes the same prep work 🙂

For this tutorial you will need your snap press, snaps, diaper outer, reinforcement fabric, and awl. This is my pretty red snap press 🙂 please ignore my very ashy fireplce in the background. I like to keep my press on my fireplace hearth because I can lean on the handle without hurting my back.

You will also need something to reinforce your snaps. I am using a scrap piece of PUL cut to size and a glue stick.

Mark snap placement. I poke a small hole in my pattern then press gently with a marker like a stencil.

Apply glue to your scrap.

Press in place to the WRONG side of your diaper cut. Allow to dry.

Now take your awl. And this is a very important step, it will prevent funny puckering. Poke your awl through both layers.

Now take your cap. You know that one with the pokey prong to it. Take that and poke it through your fabric where you poked the hole with your awl.

For this tute I am using my stud die but it works the exact some for sockets.

Press your stud up into your die.

Now take your cap which is already in your diaper outer and place it over your bottom die. Making sure that loose fabric is out of the way and the cap is centered.

Now press down on your handle of your snap press. I pull the handle down until the stud is on the cap then lean on my handle.

Tada you have placed a snap! Now keep on going!

Have fun snapping!



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5 responses to “How to apply snaps using a snap press

  1. Sair

    I love my press too, but I can’t find a decent storage solution, what are the cute little drawers you have in your first photo. They look like they’ll hold all your snaps in one spot. Thanks for the awl tip too.

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