I am seriously loving this Babyville Boutique TM PUL! So much so that I went and bought another yard of the OWLS even though I don’t NEED more šŸ™‚ And to say it sews like butter is way under stating it. I was being a bit pic lazy so you get a group shot of all of them. I love how the coordinates go so well together too! It makes it very easy to sew a very cute diaper for your little one. On to the pictures!



The diaper on the right has been through the wash 5 times already and still looks brand new! Some of my diapers have been through a lot of washes and have zero fading! I even had to soak a FOE one in bleach and forgot about it and even though the yellow FOE bleached out to white the print is still bright and clear as can be šŸ™‚ Love it!

(bleaching is NOT recommended for PUL but my daughter had a yeast infection so it was a last resort!)


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