How to apply snaps using snap pliers

Snaps are super easy to apply with snap pliers.  If you can’t afford a snap press don’t be afaid!  The pliers do take some extra hand strength (or a strong man) to use though.  The following is a pretty basic tutorial on how to use your snap pliers.

Ok so here we have the pieces you will need to use your snap pliers.  Fabric cut, pliers with adapters, cap, and either your socket or stud piece.  Make sure to double check which piece you are putting where before continuing.

You will also need something to reinforce your snaps. I am using a scrap piece of PUL cut to size and a glue stick.

Mark snap placement. I poke a small hole in my pattern then press gently with a marker like a stencil.

Apply glue to your scrap.

Press in place to the WRONG side of your diaper cut. Allow to dry.

Now take your awl. And this is a very important step, it will prevent funny puckering. Poke your awl through both layers.

Now take your cap. You know that one with the pokey prong to it. Take that and poke it through your fabric.

Set your socket or stud (whichever you need for where you are working) on top of your cap, sandwiching your fabric.

Now place carefully between your pliers, making sure that the cap sits nicely in the bottom piece. Line your socket or stud up with to top piece and SQUEEZE. You may have to squeeze twice to make sure you fully smash the cap prong.

Tada! You placed a snap! Finish placing all of your snaps and get to sewing 🙂

Thank you for viewing my blog tutorial!


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